Infiniti Q50

In collaboration with Metronome UK and Inifniti, Sound Architecture was responsible for the music and sound design of one of the latest Infiniti Q50 adverts featuring Sebastian Vettel.

Besides creating the score for the ad, SA spent a long time spicing up and refining the original Q50 field recordings which were made by a different company.

By order of Metronome UK
Music by Sound Architecture
Sound design by Sound Architecture
On Air in UK 2014 – TV commercial

The Elder Scrolls Online

Creature sound design for the highly anticipated MMO

  • ESO_01
  • ESO_02
  • ESO_03

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated games of 2014. ESO is a MMORPG set in a rich world that invites the player to explore all of its innumerable attractions & details.

Dynamedion and Sound Architecture Ltd. were responsible for all the Monster/Creature SFX in the game. Additional voice recordings and other creative solutions were required to deal with the huge amount of required sound effects.

By order of Dynamedion
Sound design by Axel Rohrbach,
Michael Schwendler,
Tristan Horton,
David Osternacher
and Sound Architecture

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High impact sound design for the renowned winter sports company

Sound Architecture collaborated with Fischer to create the sound for their new product videos.

We used field recordings combined with bass heavy elements as well as electronic and synthetic noises to create a truly unique sonic experience for the listener.

By order of Wolfang+Matthias
Sound design by Sound Architecture
Released online

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Total War Rome II

How far will you go for Rome?

Over a period of six months Sound Architecture worked closely with The Creative Assembly on the sound design of the multi award winning game Total War Rome II.

Here are the full credits for CA’s hard working audio team:
Music by Richard Beddow
Senior Sound Designer: Matt McCamley
Sound Designer: David Philipp
Senior Implementer: Graham Schroeter

VO Supervisor/Editor: Naomi Dandridge
Senior Audio Programmer: John Raftery
Audio Programmer: Andy Smith
Senior Audio QA: Jonathan Diamond
Audio QA: Douglas Pennant & David Hawke

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KFC Big Bash

Explosive sound design for the KFC Big Bash Cricket League

Sound Architecture once again teamed up with Metronome to provide sound for the latest “KFC Big Bash Cricket League” advert.

The aim was to create big booming sound effects combined with a Hip-Hop style track.

By order of Metronome UK
Music by Walter Mair
Sound design by Sound Architecture
On Air in Australia 2012 – TV commercial

Adidas Outdoor

Music and sound design for the Adidas Outdoor iPad app


Sound Architecture Ltd. provided sound and music for the “Adidas Outdoor” iPad app. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show you the videos here so make sure you download the Adidas Outdoor App from the newsstand on your iPad.

SA responsible for more than 15 music tracks in total, produced and mixed the cover intros and stories and made sure that the sound is mastered for the iPad’s built in speakers.

By order of Adidas Outdoor
Music by Sound Architecture
Sound design by Sound Architecture

BOOM Library

Recording, editing and sound designing for the world's finest SFX-Libraries

  • bl_01
  • bl_02
  • bl_03
  • bl_04
  • bl_05
  • bl_06

BOOM Library prides itself on providing high end, ultimate sound effects for all media and audio professionals. These recordings require great team work and a lot of skill.

That’s why Sound Architecture has been a part of the BOOM Library creation from the very beginning with Cinematic Metal. Since then a lot of more amazing libraries were created.

Cinematic Metal, Creatures, Cinematic Trailers, Medieval Weapons, The Interface, Sci-Fi, Trains – the list is very long indeed. With a lot more to come in the near future.

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Music and sound design for the Oberbank Donauforum Intro

Sound Architecture was responsible for the complete audio production of the latest “Oberbank Donauforum Intro”. The movie will exclusively be shown in the “Donauforum” – a big hall for events and concerts in Linz/Austria.

To ensure the perfect sound over the massive speaker system the architects of sound recorded on-site impulse responses. Later, they were used in the final mix to show possible resonances and frequency peaks which could then be easily equalised straight from the studio.

Directed by Antonin Pevny
Music by Sound Architecture
Sound Design by Sound Architecture

London Cycling Campaign

Slow motion sound design for the LCC

Sound Architecture, Metronome and WAM teamed up for the “London Cycling Campaign” advert. The music was contributed by Hot Chip and creates a great counter part to the gutty and reverberate sound effects.

Almost all the sound effects in this advert were freshly recorded to guarantee a clear and distinctive sound even when being pitched down to fit the slowly moving images.

By order of Metronome UK
Music by Hot Chip
Sound design by Sound Architecture and Iain Grant @ WAM London
Mix by Iain Grant @ WAM London
On Air in Australia 2012 – TV commercial

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An exciting combination of tonal elements, noise and sound design fragments